Monday, May 6, 2013

WaPost poll: McDonnell approval at 64% ... high popularity continues

Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell remains one of the most popular governors in the country with a 64% approval rating.

A new Washington Post poll notes that Independents, Republicans, and Democrats approve of the Governor's leadership:
Overall, 64 percent of all registered voters in the commonwealth say they approve of the job McDonnell (R) is doing, up six percentage points from two Post surveys last year. His approval rating is as high as it has been in periodic Post polls over his tenure. The positive ratings cut across the political spectrum, with the biggest improvement coming among Democratic voters. Fifty-two percent of them say McDonnell is doing a good job, compared with 38 percent last September. [emphasis added]
McDonnell, who endured scathing criticism from the far-right wing of his party after his landmark transportation bill was passed with bipartisan support in March, has seen his popularity remain high through his pragmatic leadership by looking out for the needs of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Read the entire poll results at the Washington Post. 

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